The Truth Behind Guitar Lessons

GuitarBlog: The Truth Behind Guitar Lessons...

This week on the GuitarBlog we're discussing, "Making Money Teaching Music Lessons," and how it can be a great way to earn a reliable income. 

For a lot of musicians, the idea of having a balanced lifestyle, combined with set hours, a fully booked schedule, (plus reliable monthly income), are all "without a doubt" quite attractive. 

Add to that, the evenings are still free for gigging with a; band, or as a solo-act. All important weekends are always off and free for gigging in the; club-scene, casinos, coffee shops, or restaurants. 

So, what musician wouldn't want to teach and earn even more money? The truth behind teaching is, there are both up-sides and down-sides to doing it. And, this business isn't exactly a perfect fit for every musician under the sun. 

In this video, I'll be breaking down a few key points with respect to what is involved with the business of teaching music privately. Enjoy!

The Truth Behind Guitar Lessons

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