Phrygian Dominant Pentatonic Scale

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The world of "altered pentatonic scales" can offer us a lot of really cool sounds. But, at the same time, these additional altered intervals added to the Major Pentatonic can be a rather odd addition into a piece, (since their use promotes more dissonance musically and winds-up throwing musicians slightly off balance). 

Over the years, this is probably the main reason why I've noticed that a lot of the guitarists I've met, and who I've studied from, will gravitate to using just a few altered interval patterns in their playing with their focus being more on a specific altered idea when composing or improvising. 

Phrygian Dominant Pentatonic shares a very close resemblance to the slightly more common Dominant (b9) Pentatonic, (which has a perfect 5th rather than a lowered 6th). NOTE: The Dominant (b9) Pentatonic is generally referred to as the, "Dominant 7 (b9)," arpeggio. 

In this lesson, I will demonstrate the scale pattern for Phrygian Dominant Pentatonic and I will include a melody line so viewers can hear it's unique sound in some type of musical context. Enjoy the lesson plan!

Phrygian Dominant Pentatonic Scale

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