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This week on the GuitarBlog I discuss the rhythm and lead guitar style of Prince. 

Prince was a really solid musician, he was a great songwriter, a great music businessman, and most importantly, he was someone who really believed in the rights of the musician taking priority in the music business. 

When Purple Rain hit the airwaves back in 1984 he cemented himself as a world-class recording artist and performer. But, he always maintained throughout his career that the musician was the ultimate creator and the very center of the music business. He felt that the musician needed much more say in the business, which is why he had so many problems over the years with the major record labels. 

In the end, his music reached us all, and he'll always be remembered as not only, as guitarist, singer and style icon, but as one of the most creative and unique musicians and bandleaders that we've seen in decades. I hope you enjoy the video lesson!

PRINCE - Guitar Style

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