Who in the H#LL are "U2" Dude!

Irish band U2 were one of the biggest bands on the face of the Planet back in the 1980's... 

...but nowadays, most users of the popular iTunes music store are not only completely clueless as to who in the heck they are - they're madder than H#LL that these stupid "U2" songs showed up into their iTunes accounts!

U2 recently released their new album at no charge, pledging to give away 500,000 free copies on the popular iTunes service. To their surprise, U2's album is coming as a shock to many iTunes clients who think the songs are not coming in free, but rather their accounts getting hacked! 

Apple product support has been inundated by iTunes users who are complaining about U2's surprise release of "Songs of Innocence" into their My Music folders, with a number of iTunes users expressing complete ignorance as to who the band even are.

As reported by Gigwise, a number of Twitter users this week have asked "Who is U2?" after the surprise album appeared in their account. Many even went so far as to express concern that they had their iTunes accounts hacked, (likely due to the many iCloud security issues recently plaguing Apple Inc. users).

It appears that certain people are utterly unaware of the band, which may explain why only 200,000 people out of a potential half billion users have downloaded the LP.

Below are some tweets that illustrate what Bono and co. are up against.