Video Review: Zoom G1Xon Guitar Multi-Effects Processor...

By Guitar World's "Chris Gill"

...I've spent piles of cash and countless hours chasing down various stomp boxes over the years.

So when I got my hands on Zoom’s G1Xon Guitar Multi-Effects Processor, I was tempted to moan, “Oh, I’ve wasted my life,” like the Comic Book Guy in a certain “Treehouse of Horror” episode of The Simpsons. 

For probably less than what I paid on batteries to power one vintage fuzz box, the Zoom G1Xon provides a lifetime’s worth of effects and amp models (105, to be exact) plus built-in rhythm patterns, a looper and a tuner.

All this power is packaged in a compact foot controller that’s about the same width and length as an iPad and features an expression pedal.

Check out the Chris Gill Guitar World Video Review below...