NEW COURSE: Music Reading - Phase One

Music Reading Course - Phase One

33 Page eBook (plus nineteen MP3 audio examples) 

Reading Music - Phase One Course Overview:
Music Reading Phase One is a Comprehensive set of project lessons covering the entire 5th reading position on the guitar. Note location charts and drills work to help students memorize the positions of all notes including important sharp and flat tones. Several original and classic pieces of music help students to gain a solid understanding of this neck region.

Developing Rhythmic Duration Skill:
The course introduces students to the rhythmic feel of both sixteenth-note and triple-meter durations. Music reading assignments help the student to better develop these important meters while reading notation.

Pre-Recorded MP3 Audio Track Examples:
Every primary music reading piece in the ebook has been pre-recorded in studio and is included with the course download. 19 recordings will help students to better understand each notation study. The rhythmic assignments are also included as studio recorded audio tracks for better at home practice.