Music Theory: Chord Inversions - Part 1

There are five important concepts involving the proper learning of chord inversions, they are;
1). VOICING: The arrangement of the notes of a chord in vertical order above the bass note.
2). CHORD INVERSION: Voicing a chord tone other than the root in the bass.
   a). ROOT POSITION: The voicing of a chord with the ROOT as the lowest tone (in the bass).
   b). FIRST INVERSION: A chord with the THIRD in the bass.
   c). SECOND INVERSION: A chord with the FIFTH in the bass.
4). HOW TO FIND ROOT POSITION OF AN INVERTED CHORD: To nd the root of an inverted chord when written on the staff you must rearrange the notes until they are stacked in 3rd intervals. The lowest note will be the root.
5). SLASH CHORDS: In modern musical notation, inverted chords are represented by the symbol, known as a slash chord.