Guitar String Bending Technique

This week a viewer has a question about string bending technique...

"I looked through all of your videos and could not find one about bending. Id like to see you do a video all about bending technique."
Doug - San Diego, CA. U.S.A.

Bending guitar strings with excellent technique, style and accuracy involves work on three important areas:

1). Bend Types: There are two categories here; Standard Bends and Pre-Bends. Each category has sub-categories, such as, (but not limited to), sustain and release concepts.

2). Pitch Accuracy: Bending a note to a wrong note is still a wrong note. However, tweaking notes out of pitch for short durations, (as in; 1/4 or 3/4 increments), can yield very interesting effects.

3). Practice Exercises: In order to achieve great results with bending, players need to practice various bend styles as well as, pitch accuracy.

The instructional video contains solid explanations of all of the above points.

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- Andrew Wasson