Lydian Mode: Part 1 - Harmony Analysis

The scale structure and harmonic analysis of the Lydian Mode:

Lydian is a seven tone scale found by creating tonic from the basic major scales' fourth degree. The result when analyzed, is a major tonality scale with a raised 4th step.

The 4th degree acts to produce a good deal of unstability in the scales structure. This can result in some difficulty for those new to the scales' sound in terms of resolving to tonic. The emotional effect of Lydian is often referred to as a, "moving away," feeling. This effect can take considerable time and practice to master.

Guitarist Joe Satriani is often credited with masterful use of the Lydian mode in his songwriting. His piece, "Flying in a Blue Dream," employs the use of Lydian mode from the outset of the song. Other pieces using Lydian mode include; "Maria," by Leonard Bernstein and, "Here Comes My Girl," by Tom Petty.