Easy Way to Make Strange Weird Evil Guitar Chords...

Inventing new and unknown chord patterns on the neck can be a lot of fun. Most of the time, when you do this, the chords will come off as sounding weird and unstable. 

However, if you also spend time learning strange chord shapes (that might sound really weird, evil and creepy), it can actually be quite useful in a number of other musical ways... 

Background music in marketing, advertising music, and movie sound track music can be enhanced by way of unique chord sounds. 

Even if you have no idea what the name of a shape is (that you've created), you can use your new unique chord pattern as an exercise to make a study of chord tones and intervals.

Watch the Video:

In this episode of the, "Guitar Blog Insider," I'm going to demonstrate one simple thing you can do (an easy method you can start doing right away), to create your own strange /evil /weird chords on the guitar.

if you have some skill for applying basic music theory ability you can use it to help you understand what chord it is that you're building on the neck. With nothing more than basic interval theory, you'll be able to take this stuff a lot further.

Also, remember your connection to rhythm, because groove plays a huge part in developing chords. Just go back and listen to Steve Vai's first album, "Flexible." There are a lot of interesting rhythmic components on that album.

Once you dream up your own personal collection of; crazy weird / strange and evil chords, be sure to get started right away on making them as rhythmic and as musical in your guitar playing and in your songwriting.



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