BLUES YOU CAN USE - Easy n' Fun Blues Boogie...

Here's a short boogie riff in the key of "A" that you can apply anywhere you have a standard Blues Boogie idea. 

Just shift the riff from chord to chord and you instantly are jammin' away with some easy n' fun blues boogie sounds... 

The format of this riff involves taking a straight time or shuffle feel boogie and then applying it across two measures. 

The primary outline of this idea involves both chord tones and scale tones from the "Minor Pentatonic." Once established, it can flow across eight more measures of a 12-bar blues.

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SECTION ONE: The Tonic and IV-chord riffs...
Example 1). Riff for the Tonic Chord of "A7"

Example 2). Riff for the IV-Chord of "D7"

SECTION TWO: The "Turnaround" riff.

Example 3). Riff for the"Turnaround"

Take the riff into different keys and try moving it around the fingerboard. The development of the riff will change as you leave the open string positions. You will need to learn how the riff can operate as a fretted idea.



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