Soul / R&B Licks in "B Mixolydian" [QwikLicks 13]

NEW: QwikLicks Series - Video (013)

The latest QwikLicks video is, "Soul / R&B Licks" Available in the FREE members area. Includes a PDF handout!

QwikLicks are a FREE lesson series for all membership levels at Creative Guitar Lessons in the QwikLicks Series will run through a short collection of guitar licks in all kinds of different playing styles...

Episode 013 runs through three Soul / Blues licks in the "B Mixolydian Mode." The licks include a; Filler idea for a two chord vamp from "B6 to B9," Coverage of a static dominant seventh chord, and using the Major Pentatonic with Mixolydian alongside of a minor 3rd. 

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