If You’re Not Willing to Die for Your Music, be a Plumber...

Courtesy of Jesse Sterling Harrison... 

Carlos Santana says, "If You’re Not Willing to Die for Your Music, be a Plumber..."

Santana's original band created some incredible masterpieces along the way, including worldly wise tracks like Oye Como Va and Black Magic Woman, before inevitably splintering.

Sometimes, however, band chemistry has a way of rearing its head again sooner or later — albeit very much later, in this case — but that’s how Santana IV came to be, an album that brings together musicians who hadn’t played together for 45 years.

From the percussive bliss of Anywhere You Want To Go to the ethereal jamgasm of Fillmore East, which spotlights Santana’s guitar interplay telepathy with Neal Schon (who joined the band post-Woodstock when he was only 16) to Forgiveness, the soul-cleansing album closer, Santana IV shows age ain’t nothing but a number.

Digital Trends sat down with the full Santana IV band in New York to discuss quantifying band chemistry, how this integrated band essentially pioneered world music, and what the best way to listen to Santana is.

They also filmed four exclusive video interview's you’ll only find here.

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