Composing Minor-key Chord Progressions

GuitarBlog: Composing Minor-key Chord Progressions...

This GuitarBlog episode explains a few of the most popular methods used in contemporary music to compose minor key chord progressions... 

Since Minor Keys are one of the most popular tonalities used today, every practicing musician should study the common minor harmonies in all forms of modern music.

This lesson begins by using I-IV-V situations and building on their relative diatonic chord use. Once these principles are understood, musicians will have more flexibility to produce options for the, "Tonic, Sub-Dominant, Dominant," chord applications. The lesson also includes an explanation on the colorful sounds of the, "Harmonic Minor," in this tonality... 

PART ONE: In the first example, a I-IV-V in the key of "E Minor" is used to demonstrate relative substitution through the Minor Keys, "VI and VII," chords. This is quite possibly the most popular Minor Key sound used in the Minor Tonality. In example two, the harmony is extended out to the, "Seventh-Quality Chords."

PART TWO: In the second half of the lesson, (available with the lesson handout in the members area), the application of examples and principles from Part One are put into action. Example three contains a chord progression that combines the use of ideas of the substitution concepts. Harmonic Minor chord ideas are also introduced as well. Enjoy the lesson!

Composing Minor-key Chord Progressions

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