3 Keys to Survive as a Guitarist


3 Keys to Survive as a Guitarist...

On this episode of the, "Guitar Blog Insider," we look into the principle attributes of what it takes to survive as a guitarist in 2016 and beyond. 

We explore age classes and how a working guitarist grows through the years. This includes the various income levels players generally earn during those periods. This topic targets how guitar players need to focus on the growth of "Multiple Income Streams," in order to survive as they age.

We also tap into the importance of learning the world of the digital musician. Today's player must dedicate a portion of their time and efforts to understanding software and the web. This includes; music, graphics and web-based programs. Guitarists will surely suffer financially from a lack of knowledge in this area if they do not take advantage of the incredible opportunity for digital prospects.

In wrapping up, we explore tapping your potential and uniqueness as a guitar player. Growing as an individual and as a unique musician is critical to long term success. Without a focus on this element you may just get lumped into the crowd and never stand out for your own strengths.

3 Keys to Survive as a Guitarist

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