LEAD GUITAR: Soloing on One String

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This week on the GuitarBlog I discuss performing solos on only one string. 

Guitar players can get too involved with playing scales vertically and neglect spending time thinking about scales in a more horizontal manner. In this lesson, I will take a look at how to approach playing guitar solos along just one string. Learning to take advantage of the unique sound of playing a scale along one guitar string can open up some pretty cool ideas for your lead playing. 

Breaking away from the all too common "in-position" patterns will end up offering a number of unique sounds into your playing. The guitar offers us the ability to play vertically and horizontally, but very few students of the instrument spend much time learning to play solos in a linear way. 

Too many guitarists get hooked on playing only in the box shapes. When a more linear approach is introduced, a shift in the way scales and solos end up sounding will occur. Enjoy the lesson.

LEAD GUITAR: Soloing on One String

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