World's First: Wearable Vibrating Metronome!

Initially, the first impression of the Soundbrenner Pulse wearable vibrating metronome may be a thought that maybe it would be replaced pretty quickly if someone was to copy the idea as a Smartwatch app... But after watching the video demonstration and reading the info I’m not so convinced it would be that easy.

For instance, the vibration in the Soundbrenner Pulse is very strong, in fact it is about 6 times stronger than a Smartwatch and this is due to the size of the motor inside the device which is 1/3 of the Soundbrenner Pulse.

Another feature (which seems really cool) is that you can link your band up via Bluetooth so that everyone has synchronised pulses, this could eliminate the need for a click track using in-ears. This feature is called Multi-Link and actually allows up to 10 musicians to receive the same vibration/rhythm pattern.

“…there are three ways that musicians can set the beat they want to keep..."

The first is Soundbrenner’s unique BPM Tap feature (beats per minute) that enables musicians simply to tap the desired tempo onto the face of the device. This activates the capacitive touch sensor that captures the tempo while a proprietary algorithm translates the tap into haptic feedback in the form of precise vibrations.

Alternatively, musicians can rotate the BPM Wheel surrounding the face of the device or use the Soundbrenner app to decrease or increase the number of beats up to 300 BPM.

The Soundbrenner Pulse also comes with a ‘Smart Music Coach’ app which is said to increase your motivation to practice through the use of challenges and rewards. It also offers exercises specifically designed to help musicians develop a better sense of rhythm, as well as, help them enhance their speed, accuracy and endurance.

You can pre-order a Soundbrenner Pulse on their Indiegogo campaign page for $129 (which is $20 cheaper than the retail price).



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