The GuitarBlog: Jeff Beck - Lead Guitar Style

GuitarBlog: Jeff Beck - Lead Guitar Style...

This week on the GuitarBlog we are covering the lead guitar style of legendary guitarist, "Jeff Beck."

The best way to truly learn how to play in a guitarists guitar style is through the study of their music. 

I'd highly suggest learning some of Jeff Beck's more famous tunes like, "Beck's Bolero," and the piece, "Rice Pudding." These songs really highlight his unique use of bends and staccato in his lead playing ideas. 

However, it goes without saying that his album, "Blow by Blow," is one of the all time legendary collections of where his playing really evolved from back in the 1960's. 

I hope you enjoy this breakdown of a few of Jeff Beck's lead guitar concepts. And, I hope it inspires you to carry on into many more avenues of his guitar style. Enjoy!

Jeff Beck - Lead Guitar Style:

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