The GuitarBlog: Gliss Picking Guitar Technique...

GuitarBlog: "Gliss Picking" Guitar Technique...

This week on the GuitarBlog we are covering the popular guitar technique known of as "Gliss-Picking." 

It is generated when the pick is raked /brushed across the strings, outlining the chord tones of a specific chord. The technique is very similar to what we'll often call, "Sweep Picking." However, when we, "Gliss-Pick," we're mainly concerned with the rapidly 'swept' coverage of an arpeggio into a destination pitch. 

In this video, we will organize a collection of different, "Gliss-Picked," ideas to help viewers get as good as they possibly can at this very cool sounding technique. Enjoy!

Gliss Picking Guitar Technique:

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