Micro Lesson 117: "D Major" Pop-Instrumental Melody

Welcome to... "Micro-Lesson 117"

This Micro Lesson shows how a pop-instrumental melody (in the key of "D Major"), can apply several basic melodic ideas to produce a strong and flowing melody under a common I-IV-V chord progression. 

The melody begins with a pick-up note phrase using 16th-notes to pull-in the tonic note of the key, (D). Chord tones are inter-dispersed between scale tones to create a strong melody statement that floats around the Root and "Maj. 3rd" chord tones. 

In measure two, the 5th and Maj. 3rd are targeted of the V chord (A Major). A similar 16th-note melodic phrase (as we applied in the beginning) pulls in the third measure. 

The third measure focuses upon the IV-chord of "G Major." The "G" chord is highlighted by an 8th-note scale phrase that targets the "G Major's" Root and 5th chord tones. 

Our fourth measure accomplished two tasks. It punches the tonic chord of "D Major," and it prepares for the loop of the progression by applying the V-chord as well as, the same 16th-note phrase we started off with. Enjoy!

Micro Lesson 117: "D Major" Pop-Instrumental Melody


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