Micro Lesson 113: "Key of A" Jazz-Blues /Fusion Lick

Welcome to... "Micro-Lesson 113"

This Micro Lesson takes a Jazz-Blues format in the key of "A" and spices it up with a Fusion twist. 

The lick combines elements of Jazz and Blues concepts with chromatic passing tones to create a smooth flowing line that works great to cover a typical I-IV-V chord progression in Blues Harmony. 

The lick starts off in the 8th position covering Blues ideas mixed with short chromatic ideas along the fourth and third strings. This continues until the third measure where the line becomes very geometrical across the string sets in 4th position. 

More chromatic ideas are performed at the top of the phrase on the first string. The lick finishes off by applying a fast pedal-point run based from off of the second string fifth fret. 

The upper melodic movement is another chromatic line moving across frets 8, 7,6 and 5 on the first string. Work at developing the fingerings and memorize the fretboard positions of the lick first. Use a metronome to help build the speed. Enjoy!

Micro Lesson 113: "Key of A" Jazz-Blues /Fusion Lick


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