Micro Lesson 112: "Key of C" Blues Guitar Lick

Welcome to... "Micro-Lesson 112"

This Micro Lesson takes a run through a Blues Lick in the key of "C." 

This Blues idea starts out in the 8th position, "C Blues Scale." The patterns used in this lick are all very common phrases leaning toward the style of Eric Clapton. 

The phrases within this lick apply techniques like; "Hammer-ons," "Pull-offs," "Slides," "Double-Stops," and "Bends." 

At the end of measure three the idea begins transitioning away from the 8th position and moves across the 5th and 3rd into the end of the lick at the 1st position. 

The phrase finally resolves into a "C7" chord to complete the run. Take your time with the ideas, and work slowly to connect each position with useful fingering patterns. Use a metronome to build the speed. Enjoy!

Micro Lesson 112: "Key of C" Blues Guitar Lick


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