Micro Lesson 111: "C Minor" Bass-Line Guitar Riff

Welcome to... "Micro-Lesson 111"

This Micro Lesson applies a moderate tempo walking style bassline guitar riff over a harmony in the key of "C Minor." 

This "bassline melody" idea limits the use of bassline notes to the lower four guitar strings. In measure one, we have a, "C Minor Pentatonic," melody for the bassline that tracks off of the root of the scale. It is phrased across both the "Cm" and "Gm" (the I - V) chords of the key. 

Measure two moves into the IV-chord ("Fm"), and also pushes back into the V-chord once more. The turnaround measure at the end of the riff becomes much more "C Minor" scale oriented and flows through a connected harmony of both the root chord of, "Fm" and the VII chord of "Bb." 

To comprehend the full extent of this bass-line riff, I would highly recommend that any players studying this material record the chord changes on a backing /Jam-track. Try experimenting with a Reggae feel on the rhythm jam-track when recording the changes. Enjoy!

Micro Lesson 111: "C Minor" Bass-Line Guitar Riff


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