Micro-Lesson 106: "D Minor" Classical Guitar Melody

Welcome to... "Micro-Lesson 106"

This Micro Lesson works through a Classical Guitar melody in the key of, "D Minor." 

The melody passage begins with a phrase from the, "D Harmonic Minor," scale in measure one. The phrase runs from the note of "E" and includes a passing tone of the major 3rd, (F#), before resolving on the tonal center note (D). 

The second measure operates from a two-note interval from the fifth chord of the key performed as a major quality, (A Major). This retains a connection the, "D Harmonic Minor," scale since the, "A Major," chord has a major 3rd (C#). This tone is the defining note of the "Harmonic Minor Scale." 

Measure three begins with a two-note dyad of the, "D minor," quality and uses an interesting chromatic drop-down across "C#" and "C natural." 

The chromatic double-stop drop-down idea continues into the fourth measure where we resolve. Measure five also contains a time signature shift to 5/4 time. Enjoy!

Micro-Lesson 106: "D Minor" Classical Guitar Melody


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