Micro-Lesson 105: "C# Minor" Arpeggiated Melody Line

Welcome to... "Micro-Lesson 105"

This Micro Lesson works out a melody line that is based upon a series of arpeggiated chords in the key of, "C# Minor." 

The trick to playing through these busy arpeggiated, "piano style," melodies is to be fully aware of your fingerings. The fingerings, the feel of the parts and their sound must be commited to memory. 

In measure one we flow through the tones associated to the "C# Minor" harmony.  These include; "C#," "E," and "G#."

Measure two adds the minor 7th interval (the chord tone of B), into the harmony, creating the color of a "C#m7." Measure three drops down a whole-step from the home chord introducing the "Bm" chord. This harmony is more from the sounds of the Phrygian mode at this point, since Phrygian harmony is the harmony where "C#m," and "Bm" co-exist next to each other by way of a whole-step.

The melody repeats with a turnaround statement occurring in the second ending.  This statement is strongly represents the color of the "C#m." The final tone of the turnaround is the 5th of the "C#m" chord (G#), and helps to create a solid pull back to the first measure.

Overall the piece is not extremely complex yet may very likely pose a playing challenge to many guitar players as the speed increases. 

Work slowly, memorize the part and build the best technique to balance the displaced tones of each measures arpeggio phrases. Enjoy!

Micro-Lesson 105: "C# Minor" Arpeggiated Melody Line


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