GuitarBlog: The Psychology of Great Improvisation

GuitarBlog: The Psychology of Great Improvisation...

This week on the GuitarBlog we take a look into the ways of how many of the great improvisers will think when they're playing their solos. 

Some guitar players will lack confidence and this can be a real killer. Without a cool head and fearless self-reliance the chances of a great lead are going to be pretty slim. 

Some guitarists are way too analytical. Any musician who gets far too hung-up on every detail will over analyze every subtle move they make when improvising. This can be a death knell to spontaneous composition. 

Other guitarists just cannot relax enough. Once any musician experiences the benefits of remaining calm and loose, they are able to play far more smoothly. Their lines become longer, more fluid and more interesting as well. Being relaxed helps with being able to collect ones thoughts much faster and easier. 

Other guitar players can't seem to find and keep a good level of maintained certainty of the scale tones to see them through a set of chord changes.  Maintaining a good level of tenacity for exactly where scales and arpeggios lay does wonders for any lead player. Lines become bolder, dynamics improve and the techniques become easier to execute. This is where hours of practice on playing all of the important scales and arpeggios will pay off!

Many of these poor habits of behavior will not just hold the guitarist back, but they'll cause a self-fulfilling prophesy which results in both bad note choices and sloppy melodic phrasing. Enjoy the video discussion! 

The Psychology of Great Improvisation:

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