VIDEO: "Sham Time" Medeski, Scofield, Martin & Wood

He’s played with jazz legends from the past and jam heroes of today; he’s burrowed into the roots of bebop and blazed new territory in the world of funk; he’s a fearless soloist as well as a cool cat to have on your team.

His name is John Scofield — and for all he’s accomplished in his career, he’s simply a nice guy to talk music with.

Scofield’s latest project is a reunion with buddies John Medeski, Billy Martin and Chris Wood, the avant-garde jazzbos he first worked with on 1998’s A Go Go.

Their 10-track studio release, Juice, is a mix of originals and covers, infused with the unique global funk jams the MSMW collaborative have come to be known for.

Check out their song "Sham Time" below, and then follow this link to read some thoughts from Scofield's recent Guitar World interview on his gear, going out and — most importantly — how to get back...


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