MUST SEE: Metallica's 'One' - Stunning Rendition on Traditional Chinese Guzheng...

Michelle Kwan, the young musician from Vancouver known for her covers of rock and metal tracks on the traditional Chinese instrument - the guzheng, recently delivered another rendition, this time around taking on the classic Metallica track, "One."

It's very apparent that playing guzheng is a complex instrument that requires advanced skills and musicianship, making the fact that Michelle included solos in her arrangement all the more impressive.

"I've seen Metallica live in concert twice," she noted. "My childhood dream is to perform on the big stage like them. If they ever did a collaboration with a guzheng, this is how I would imagine it to sound like."

Apart from the guzheng, Kwan uses several other pieces of music equipment, specifically Orange Tiny Terror, MXR Micro Amp, Akai Analog Chorus, and Boss Mega Distortion MD-2.

Check out the video below!


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