Paul Gilbert's Controversial "Strap Height" Video...

In the following video, (titled; Paul Gilbert's Public Service Announcement), guitarist Paul Gilbert has produced what more or less amounts to an advertisement for DiMarzio guitar straps...

 However, the additional message in the video is that guitar players "should"  keep their guitar strung low, (around pant pocket height).

As the video is obviously an outright ad for the DiMarzio brand of guitar straps, it has left many viewers scratching their heads regarding the overall 'message' he seemed to be relating in the video. His message, or lecture rather, is all about setting your guitar strap height as to what he considers as 'properly.' Which is probably much too low for many guitarists out there.

While there's no doubt that Paul Gilbert is a great guitarist, as well as, a great instructor... and add to that his education at Hollywood's world renown "Guitar Institute of Technology" (G.I.T.)... many viewers are curious as to what exactly, and why exactly, he is going on about firmly promoting such a low strap height.

Some of his reasons for using a low strung guitar are quite odd. He discusses how the lower slung guitar height helps players create better vibrato. The example that he relates, as to why this is, has to do (evidently - according to Paul), with how we open locks on doors and how that height is the best /most ideal height for guitar vibrato, (???).

Guitar players are left wondering whether the video is "for real" or if it is simply a joke. Gilbert is well know for his goofy jokes... Watch it for yourself and you decide... 



  1. I saw an article long ago talking about "proper" height for a guitar (I'll share the link if I can find it). It specifically mentioned Slash and his low-slung style, but pointed out that when he solos he raises the neck to a height that's more comfortable. He's a showman and makes it into a performance element, but it's done for (bio)mechanical reasons. It's simply more comfortable to play with the fretting hand around waist height than down low. Gilbert even does a bit of that in this video. A good craftsman takes care of his tools. For a guitarist that's your hands and joints. If you're contorting your joints because you think it looks cool, carpal tunnel and all sorts of tendinitis problems are in your future.

  2. Keep your guitar above your dick or below your dick. That's the only rule.