Ultimate Guitar's: Top 10 Greatest Combo Amps

This past week, Ultimate Guitar readers were asked to nominate and vote for their favorite guitar amp combo. Hundreds of nominations and thousands of votes later, the results are in. Which combo amps made it past the finish line and into their ultimate top 10?

 ...First of all, let's be clear for the newbies. What is a combo amp? Simple: it's an all-in-one amp which combines the head and the speaker cabinet into one unit. You can pick it up by a single handle, and in some cases they're small enough to strap over your shoulder and run off battery power.

While some guitarists are lucky enough to afford a range of cabinets and heads to mix-and-match their guitar sound to different songs, the combo amp is a rite of passage for any guitarist who wants one killer amp to squeeze into bedroom and rock out.

Here are the results of their poll...

#1)   VOX AC30
#2)   Fender Deluxe Reverb
#3)   Fender Twin Reverb
#4)   Roland Cube
#5)   Fender Blues Junior
#6)   Fender Bassman
#7)   Orange Rockerverb 50 MKII
#8)   Roland Jazz Chorus
#9)   Peavey 5150 (replaced in 2004, by the 6505)
#10) Bugera 333XL 212



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