Ultimate Guitar Presents: The WORST Rock-Star Outfits EVER!!!

The fact that rockstars can get away with a lot of things doesn't mean that they still don’t end up going overboard ...especially when it comes to style and outfits. Ever since the early days, rock music had a tendency to shock certain listeners. Sometimes, the shock factor was heavily relying on the appearance and musicians’ image, but sometimes it just turned out as plain weird.

So it's time to look back at all the odd rock star apparel we've encountered over the years. You might say how styling is not important and how it's all about the music, but you know perfectly well that it's just not true. Granted, music definitely comes first, but the style, behavior, artists’ statements and the whole image are definitely among the factors that affect your perception of the given band. But back to the weird clothes – here are the picks we made, let's check them out.



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