Today's Music Festival Goer More interested in Booze & Drugs Than Music...

Today's average music festival goer prefers to get drunk and take drugs rather than watch the live bands... new poll 'discovers.'

...Poll also 'discovers' that 25% of people have had sex with a stranger while at a festival.

According to the latest research, the average member of the festival crowd prefers spending their time; drinking, doing drugs and having sex over watching the bands play.

MSN recently asked 2,000 festival goers regarding their concert behavior, discovering that only 45 percent of the crowd attends festivals for the actual music, naming the atmosphere and a chance to escape the everyday routine as some of the main reasons for going, NME reports.

The result also point out that 47 percent have done something they would "never consider doing outside of the music festival environment" at one of the music events. About 25 percent admitted sleeping with a stranger at a festival, 21 percent said they used drugs and 13 percent got involved in a fist-fight.

Even the older generations showed similar behavior patterns; nine percent of the middle-aged, (aged between 45 and 54), festival goers admitted taking drugs, 20 percent drank heavily, while 10 percent said they had slept with a stranger.

Professor of Cultural Studies at Salford University George McKay gave his comments on the poll results, saying, "Festivals are deeply rooted in the carnival tradition, which is to invert everyday expectations of normal behavior. Historically, carnivals would have a 'lord of misrule' who oversaw the revelries and subversion of the ordinary rules of life. Music festivals continue to be places where we can escape reality and subvert the rules - whatever age we happen to be."



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