Scott Ian (Anthrax): 'I Don't Even Know How the Music Business Works Anymore'

Anthrax axeman Scott Ian admitted that the only advice he could give to new bands would be on a creative level, seeing how drastically the music industry has changed since he entered it. As Ian himself put it, he doesn't "even know how the music business works anymore."

"The business has changed so much now as compared to when we started," Ian told the National Student. "I wouldn't be able to give advice on a band as to how to do it, because I don't even know how the music business even works anymore."

The guitarist continued by saying that a group should always stick to their guns and do what they think is right. "The only advice I can give on a creative level, whatever music you love and whatever you love to play as a musician and song writer, that's what you have to do and don't ever listen to what anyone else has to say as to what you have to play or what's trendy because that's what we did.



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