Real or Fake: Teenage Guitarist Bounces Basketball While Strumming Guitar...

In this short (00:54) viral YouTube video guitar player, "Ben Lapps," plays guitar tapped-fingerstyle while bouncing a basketball - in time!

Commentators within the YouTube video's comment section are debating 'whether or not' the video was shot in real-time - with the guitar mic'd live... Or, if perhaps, (due to the crystal clear audio quality), the short-film is somewhat of a video /audio hoax, in where the guitar part was possibly pre-recorded and then the pre-recorded audio was over-dubbed /mixed alongside of the live audio mix recorded on-site...

I'll admit, the audio of the guitar part is incredibly crisp and clean. However, so is the audio of the basketball hitting the pavement. Was there a boom mic involved? Was there possibly a very high-quality wireless lavalier microphone? 

In my personal experience boom mics of a very high quality could indeed generate this very clear style of recorded audio track. However, there's the question of, "why would a teenager make an off-the-cuff YouTube video using an expensive high-quality boom mic?

In regard to the use of a wireless lavalier microphone... I do not personally believe that one was utilized here. Because, any of them that I've ever employed for audio, (even extremely expensive units), have never generated this type of crystal-clear high-end audio quality. 

Anyway, feel free (if you're interested), to weigh-in and leave your comments... 

Is this audio in real time, or is it a very well produced YouTube fake /hoax video? 

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