MUSIC BLOG: Black Sabbath: a beginner's guide...

Curious about metal veterans "Black Sabbath" but don't know where to start? Here's 10 tracks, selected by London's the Guardian news, to ease you into Sabbath fandom...

1. War Pigs Summed up by newschicken: "The song has it all - politics, state-sanctioned murder, power chords, heavy rifts and dirty funk."

2. The Wizard Bitwize wrote: "There is a real psychedelic blues feeling to the song which for me encapsulates the Sabbath in a nutshell. Uplifting and unnerving at the same time."

3. Black Sabbath The first track from the bands self-titled debut album, released in February 1970. Queenofclubs praised its "sheer darkness and chilling atmosphere."

4. Iron Man One of the band's most popular songs, and one that highlights their musical diversity.

5. Paranoid The title track from the band's 1970 album. Fred McElwaine on Twitter says: "If you don't like this, you wont like the rest."

6. Fairies Wear Boots DanLeShan tweets: "Fairies Wear Boots, great changes melodically throughout. Classic."

7. Sabbath Bloody Sabbath Matt Ev on Facebook said: "The sludgy breakdown riff in Sabbath Bloody Sabbath is one of the greatest things ever to happen in music."

8. National Acrobat As featured on Sabbath Bloody Sabbath. Joe Bongiorno says: "Because it's brilliant and has a lot of the components that Sabbath incorporated into their music, it's heavy, but also mellifluous and hypnotic, its mysterious and dreamy, jammy, funky and jazzy."

 9. N.I.B The first-person lyrics are sung from the point of view of Lucifer, who finds himself falling in love. Bless.

10. Planet Caravan A less raucous track than some on the list. David Bose on Facebook suggests it'll give listeners "a gentle start before hittin 'em with the big guns."


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