June 9, 2013 GUITAR-BLOG: Small Upper-String Chord Types

Q). I really like the sound of small chords, especially in Funk & Reggae. But, I've heard these small chords used in lots of other styles. Last night, I was at a night-club and was watching the guitarist in the band. He only played small chords off of the top guitar strings. It sounded great! Andrew, can you make a lesson and describe some small chords that guitarists will normally use? Thank you!
Lee - Seattle, WA, USA 

A). These small chord types are generally built with their lowest tones found from off of the 4th and the 3rd guitar strings. It is less common to see them built from off of the 5th string, however there are portions of larger chords that are sometimes scaled down in their note groupings to include only a few string-sets built from off of the lower 5th or possibly even the 6th string. For this lesson we'll primarily be concerned with the construction of these smaller chords built from off of the most common string-sets which would be the 4th and the 3rd strings. In the video I'll zoom in on the neck and get explore a group of the most common small chord types. Then, I'll play though a short chord progression that demonstrates their function and use.


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