Tapping Guitar Technique (Two-Hand)

Andrew Wasson of Creative Guitar goes over the two-hand tapping guitar technique. Tapping usually incorporates pull-offs or hammer-ons, where the fingers of the fretting hand will play a sequence of notes in synchronization with the other hand (tapping hand).

The technique is often associated with Eddie Van Halen and his songs "Erruption" and "Hot for Teacher." Although many other styles of guitarists use this technique (including Acoustic players) it is mostly considered and associated with Rock guitar. And, it is almost always seen performed on an electric guitar with distortion.


  1. If you are as new to guitar as you seem let me tell you, GET BACK TO CHORDS. This isn't rude or my being a jerk but seriously getting basic chord shapes down pat is a very simple yet effective way of strengthening all your fingers at once. This method also helps your fingers adapt to applying pressure at different angles rather than just straight down. Go through the entire musical alphabet (A through to G) and shake it up to make it interesting rather than repeating the same old thing.