Change Your Mind About Open "G" (Song w/TAB Included)

No need to give up on learning to write blues jams in "Open G" tuning, this post features an easy to play 12-bar blues that uses a bunch of fun open-string ideas in the open "G" tuning. Learn it, and it will provide you with plenty of cool open "G" riff ideas to continue to build from... 

A week ago here in the studio I gave one of my own students (who happens to really enjoy Blues), an assignment of creating a riff within the open “G” tuning.

Unfortunately, he came back to his class this week and he said that he couldn’t make up anything and that he hated Open “G” and he didn’t want to even use it anymore.

I told him, hey hang-on a minuet listen – just take a week off and I’ll compose an easy Blues in Open “G” for you, I’ll post it on my YouTube channel and you’ll not only find out how to play a fun Blues jam, but you’ll get some cool ideas to start finding it easier to mess around with Open “G” tuning…


First, let’s get our guitar into Open “G.” This tuning uses a set-up that involves dropping the pitch of the; 6th, 5th and 1st strings by way of a whole-step.

The end result is a tuning that goes from 6th to 1st string as; (D, G, D, G, B, D).

So, now that we’ve got the tuning out of the way, let’s start learning my “Open G Blues”

Example 1).
First four measures, bar’s 1 - 4

Example 2).
Next four measures, bar’s 5 - 8

Example 3).
Final four measures, bar’s 9 - 12

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