Guitar Players Never Do This (Compound Scales)

There’s a scale sound capable on guitar which hardly any guitar players tend to use... And, even though this sound is really cool, most guitar players never do it. This lesson will help you create these wild scale effects and lead you to the creation of incredible melody…

In this post, I’m going to cover the unique scales topic of performing, "Compound Scales" using the Pentatonic Scale.

While the Pentatonic scale is not the only scale that we could explain this topic with, it is a good one to learn from because it’s one of the most popular scales used by guitar players.

I’ve certainly used Pentatonic like crazy, and I’ve taught it to hundreds of other guitar players who’ve also used it like crazy. The only difference is that this time our version of this scale will be done using Compound Scale design.


We’re going to focus on the ‘F’ Minor Pentatonic in our example, but the principle that I’m about to show you - can be done with just about any version of the pentatonic.

The idea - operates around taking two Pentatonic patterns and learning how they sit side-by-side. Then, instead of playing them separately, we’re going to “catch-up on the space in-between” by playing both patterns at the same time.

The only catch is that the fingering technique used to perform these “Compound Style Pentatonic” shapes will be quite a large stretch…

Example 1).
First Basic Shape (Single Format)

Example 2).
Second Basic Shape (Single Format)

Example 3).
Compound Shape (The Space Between)

So, as you can tell, this idea (of using up the space in-between our Pentatonic patterns), certainly isn’t exactly revolutionary.

The principle behind Compound Scales is in fact very straight-forward. So, try it out with a collection of Pentatonic scales, in a number of keys and try using it when improvising. 

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