The Best Guitar Harmony Workout (Chord Buster)

How much do you know about chords existing outside of open position? Can you run through chords of a key using in position and along the neck chord drills? Most aspiring guitar players can't, because they understand very little about this concept of harmony... 


If this sounds like you, then you're in luck because this lesson will bust your chops when it comes to understanding chords and how they exist outside of the open position...

This lesson will not only help you better understand the chords that are located within a key signature, but these drills will also work great to help polish up your chord knowledge when it comes to performing the different fingering techniques used across all your diatonic chords of Major and Minor keys…


A lot of guitar players do most of their learning about chords from the study of songs, and unfortunately all too often the chords being practiced are shapes that are almost entirely dedicated to existing only in the first position of the neck.

Now, while this is alright, it sure doesn’t allow for a guitarist to learn about chords located along and across the entire fret-board. And, if you only know chords that exist in the open position, it certainly doesn’t help a practicing guitarist learn how chords can occur within other fingerboard locations.

Major Key Center (key of "A Major")
The first exercise is based upon being in the key of “A Major” and uses the triad level chord harmony performed within the 4th to 6th fingerboard positions of the neck (from the “A” located at the 6th string root).

Here’s how this study breaks down on the guitar neck…

Minor Key Center (key of "F# Minor")The next thing that we’re going to do is drop the exercise over to this keys relative minor. 

If you’re already somewhat familiar with the key of “A Major” (and you have a general understanding of the theory involved with relative keys – i.e., Relative Minor), then you’ll already understand that the minor keys exist off of the major scales sixth step.

That means from off of an, “A” our sixth step inside the key is “F#.” So, we’re going to do an associated position drill from off of the key of “F# Minor.”

Here’s how this study operates, when performed from off of the 5th string root…

Interval Key Signature DrillFrom this point onward it’s kind of up to you how you want to expand upon this exercise. You can skip over tones using sequencing ideas in the key, or you can set your sights upon a specific interval movement, (which is something I like introducing early on with my own students).

However you begin expanding upon this study, it certainly won’t take you very long to build up your skills with using the chords of a key center. And, once you can do these studies, you’ll really get good at performing chords all over and around the guitar neck.

Before wrapping up, let me leave you with an interval exercise that applies this exact scale harmony process that we’ve been working on in this lesson…

Once you build up some skill with these examples, (and try them out in all the other musical keys), you’ll start noticing a whole new level of skill and control for using these triad chords on the guitar.

I’d also highly recommend taking these exercises further in harmony to develop them with using the 7th chord qualities as well.

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