GUITAR TECHNIQUE 009: Developing Smooth Legato

July 22, 2018:
Developing Smooth Legato

 NEW  This unique Creative Guitar Studio course  explores exercises for increasing dexterity and coordination between the hands. The goal of the course is to increase awareness, mobility and control.

Lesson 009 of Guitar Technique works through six studies across four exercises that demonstrate the way to develop legato used on single and on multiple string groups. 

The exercises expand to cover scale runs in both ascending and descending ways. The video lessons demonstrate each legato technique drill in detail. 

Part one and part two of the lesson cover single and multi-string legato performed in position. In parts three and four of the lesson scale runs are introduced as both ascending and as descending five string group exercises.

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PART ONE:  Exercise 1a, demonstrates legato performed in position using a "simple" three note pattern on 3rd-string sixth position. Learn to control the way each attack occurs along with each hammer-on and pull-off.

In exercise 1b, the three note example from exercise 1a is expanded to include more repetition across the tones. The drill operates for longer and requires an increase of the technical stamina.

PART TWO:  Example two moves on to use more advanced legato technique across more string sets. The line crosses from 2nd to 3rd to 4th guitar strings. These string changes will require a "tap hammer" in order to accent the note played over to the new string.

The riff in example 2a, is a simple flow of tones from 2nd, to 3rd to 4th guitar strings. Apply pull-off's, slides and tap hammers to be able to change position and cross from string to string.

The riff in example 2b, stretches the quantity of tones that were incorporated back in exercise 2a. An application of both slides and hammer-ons must work together to produce the smooth legato feel required to generate the sound of this study.

Exercise three breaks down the application of longer scale runs across a group of five strings. This type of longer run will require greater control as repetitive hammer-on's must be applied very smoothly along and across the neck.

The run in exercise three begins off of the eighth fret of the 5th-string and travels up to the third string. It then doubles back to 4th string before moving through another run of tones from the 4th to 2nd strings.

PART FOUR:  Exercise four takes the study of descending legato along and across the neck. There are several technical shifts required to be able to smoothly transition this phrase along the fingerboard.

The key of "A Minor" exercise begins in the tenth position (on the 1st-string), and shifts downward into the eighth position. After that, the note choices drop along the string groups traveling from the 1st and 2nd strings all the way down to the 5th string.

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