QwikRiffs #016: Dominant Blues (Mixolydian) Riffs in "Bb"

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Episode #016 covers three "Dominant Blues" Riffs.

Riff one is a groovy idea based off of the 6th-string using the popular "power-chord" off of "Bb" to anchor the sound. Lower register tones of the "Bb Mixolydian" scale create a follow-up line.

Riff two mixes elements of pop, rock and blues with notes of the Mixolydian across a 2-bar phrase. The flow of the music drifts between chord shots and melodic lines from "Bb" Mixolydian. Under-tones of Blues flow across the part to create an interesting high-light to the riffs sound.

Riff three establishes a much heavier "Blues-Rock" sound with "Bb" power-chords punching in off of the first measure. The minor 7 and major 3rd are applied in measure one creating a strong "Dominant 7" influence. Mixolydian mode is used in measure two to create a turnaround phrase. 

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