QwikRiffs #015: Reggae Style Groove Riffs in "G Minor"

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Episode #015 covers three "Reggae Groove" Riffs.

Riff one uses one of the most popular chord applications found in Reggae music, the "upper 3-string triad." In the example, a key of "G Minor" progression uses the chords of "Gm, Cm, F and Dm," to establish a groove. The use of a slide and hammer-ons develop unique articulations that help highlight the chords of this riff, having them further stand out.

Riff two explores flashy rhythm punches with the use of 16th-notes in a phrase that adds a turnaround to the mix. The punch that can be provided by using 16th-notes is one of the strongest feels for providing powerful accents in Reggae. This riff pushes the time with these 16th-note punches and also adds a nice single-note turnaround phrase.

Riff three focuses on bass-line patterns that are often used in the Reggae style.These ideas are interesting lower-string lines that are generally matched by the guitarist. This creates a strong bass line statement between the two instruments. 

One other interesting idea applied in riff three is a linear flow of chord changes that descends across chords from the key center. In this case the chords descend downward at the riffs 2nd ending, traveling from the, "Eb" through to the, "Dm" and then the, "Cm."

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