GUITARISTS: How to Break Bad Habits - Part 02

Welcome to the second part of "Breaking Bad Guitar Habits." In this episode we're going to check out a number of more practical issues that relate to breaking bad guitar habits. 

Our focus will be on solving issues that can cause you to have lasting problems...


A serious bad habit is getting stuck within playing only one style of music. It is so detrimental on many levels. Becoming well rounded will most certainly involve branching out to other music styles. It expands your feel, your theory knowledge, your technique, sense of rhythm and so much more. By neglecting this area, you are doing a great deal of harm to your overall playing ability.

Let's test your skill for playing guitar in different styles of music. Since not doing this work is a bad habit (that many players get stuck in), expanding to other styles will be amazing to your overall ability and confidence.

Students who are only playing in one or two styles of guitar, (often times Blues or Classic Rock), are going to love trying out a collection of styles. In doing so you'll find out which ones you're good at, and which ones you may need some work on.

Country Western:

Reggae riff:

Jazz idea:

Hard Rock /Metal:

If you easily played through each of those styles with next to no effort, then you did great. If you had some slight difficulty with a couple of those riffs, then I'm sure with a little practice, you'll be able to polish up any rusty areas.

But, if every one of those riffs were tough to comprehend, and felt difficult to perform (with the right feel and dynamics), then you'll have some work ahead of you to be able to get all of these general music styles up to speed. Next, let's test another area of playing - acoustic finger-style guitar. 

Playing acoustic finger-style, or classical guitar ideas are generally weak for a lot of players. Not for all players, but many guitarists will find that finger-style is a difficult area to get really polished at, so let's test your skills with a couple of finger-style riffs, and you can find out how well you can keep up...

Acoustic Guitar - Pattern Picking riff:

Folk Finger-style riff:

If either of these finger-picked riffs caused you grief, you'll need to look into getting a little better when the pick is out of the picture and all you've got is fingers only. Finger-style is an important area of skill and having some ability for it is definitely a good thing.

The last area I want to cover is fret-board knowledge and music theory basics. This is like saving the best for last because so many guitarists blow this stuff off for years. They'll wait far too long and when it comes down to learning their fingerboards and understanding the basic elements of music theory related to the neck they feel totally overwhelmed.

So, let's run through a number of important guitar neck and theory principles, and you can gauge your skills and get a better perspective of where you're at.

- Notes across the neck
- Fingerboard regions
- Major and Minor key theory
- Scale and arpeggio concepts
- Open chords
- Barre Chords
- Other Chord Types (7th's, extended, altered)
- Chord Inversions
- Intervals

Well, this wraps up my two part video on helping you with starting to break down your bad-habits and move through them into more productive levels of study, and onto better guitar playing.

If you can start to realize the initial types of issues (to do with bad habits) along with the things that are associated; psychologically, and then, take action onto some real world playing studies, you'll not only expand your playing ability, but most importantly, you'll change how you think about learning music.

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