ACOUSTIC LESSON 008: Acoustic Guitar Technique Exercises

Acoustic Guitar 008: 
Acoustic Guitar Technique Exercises...
Technique is crucial for acoustic guitar players. Whether we're playing on a nylon string classical guitar, or on acoustic steel-string, clarity and good right and left hand control are a must. 

In this episode of Acoustic Guitar, we're going to run through ten exercises to boost your acoustic skills...

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In example one, our focus is on the application of in-position isometric drills. The studies use 2-note chords for developing slow and steady movements between the interval shapes. The movements will help with attaining smooth finger response for excellent finger layout.

Example two works with multiple string chord patterns for improving plucking hand technique. The fingerstyle note-tracking method in each exercise helps with improving the accuracy of fretting hand skill. Three and four string exercises will help establish solid note tracking while improving the feel of handling larger fret-span stretches

PART TWOThe exercises in example three are all fixed finger drills. These studies help a guitarist develop more control for holding one note while others are used to perform a melodic line. The idea is to develop enough control for holding down one note while others are performing a separate melodic idea on another single or group of strings.

Example four applies two technique exercises for the better development of both sustain and for single-tone plucking. Exercise example 4a, is a note sustain idea that promotes the use of chord tones played as arpeggios. Major and dominant 7th chords use the "let ring" method of chord tone sustain to allow for a resonating sound. Exercise example 4b, is a single note line plucking drill. It uses a group of tones that operate across three strings in a triple meter feel.

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