QwikLicks #027: "D" Phrygian Mode Licks

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QwikLicks are a FREE lesson series for all membership levels at Creative Guitar Studio.com. Lessons in the QwikLicks Series run through a short collection of guitar licks covering all types of playing styles, famous artist's playing styles and guitar techniques...

Episode #027 covers three "D" Phrygian mode licks.

In lick one we work through an in position lick located within the pattern structure of the scale pattern #2, "Phrygian Mode" (all scale shapes are provided in the handout).

Lick two targets the lowered (minor) 2nd degree of the Phrygian mode and highlights how it relates to the tonic and the minor third interval.

Lick three operates around the rich color of extended harmony integrating the sound of Phrygian against Major and Minor 7th's as well as, the Minor 11th chord.

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