5 Technique Drills to Skyrocket Your Guitar Technique...

Technique exercises are one of the best ways to dramatically improve your left and right hand co-ordination. And, mixing up variations of cross string picking exercises that are designed to develop dexterity in both hands is one of those little guitar tricks toward rapid improvement...

If you’re having trouble with either your right hand or left hand coordination and you want to see real improvement then these are the perfect exercises.

Depending on your skills these drills may not exactly feel easy. left and hand drills can be quite challenging so go slow and be careful and once you start to get the hang of it turn on a metronome and develop the speed.

How to practice
Start out slow, real slow and play through each drill a couple of times until it feels comfortable. Once you can play the drills slowly (without faltering) try playing along with a metronome. Again begin very slow and gradually increase the tempo of the metronome.

Pay attention to the quality of the exercise. Make sure all of the notes sound clean and clear. Apply alternate picking technique with your right hand (down,up,down,up).

Focus fully on the exercise. Observe your left and right hand while playing and see if there’s anything that needs to be corrected or improved. The slightest change can make a huge difference.

Relax the muscles in your fingers, wrists, hands, arm and shoulders just enough to reduce strain and prevent any injuries. It’s also of great importance if you want to perform the exercise to its best potential.

Left hand fingering:
1 = index finger
2 = middle finger
3 = ring finger
4 = pinky

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Drill #1).

Drill #2).

Drill #3).

Drill #4).

Drill #5).

Work on the above drills until they are easy to play at faster tempos and keep them in your study routine for several months. After that, add or modify these examples with variations to help polish other areas of your guitar playing.



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