VOTED: The 'WORST' Music Video on YouTube!

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We'd like to thank and their user Rocker13666 for bringing Gnesa's 'Wilder', music video into the spotlight...

Rocker13666 created the Reddit page looking for "The Worst Song Video on YouTube," and after 3822 votes the winner was Gnesa's video for her song "Wilder."

The lyrics of 'Wilder' are uhhhh, I don't know how to classify them really - especially the 'la la la' part - and Gnesa's completely tone-deaf performance is - well - quite something to say the least. Remember Rebecca Black's 'Friday'? Well, this song makes that sound like a track worthy of a Grammy.

Gnesa's dancing is also noteworthy, as it's so bad, it's almost endearing. We also appreciate all the wardrobe changes featuring spandex dresses we're pretty sure came from a shop catering to strippers. No judgement.

Watch the video in its full glory below: