VIDEO: Dutch All Girl Band Makes Music out of Having Orgasms!

Dutch Girl band 'ADAM' create a video singing while having orgasms... it might be the most ‘out there’ music video yet...

Dutch electronic dance music band ADAM have created a music video that really hits the spot...Well, maybe not musically, but perhaps physically... as the music is pretty run of the mill electronic dance, but the video shoot goes in an entirely different direction for three of the five members.

Where things take a twist is half-way through their video when they (seem to be) inserting vibrators into themselves... (yes, I'm not joking or making this up), and they then try to carry on with singing the track. As one might imagine, a great deal of difficulty singing in time and on pitch occurs. Through giggles, eye rolls, head tilts, and plenty of moans the three band members featured in the video try and continue through the video shoot. 

"For their single Go To Go, the members of ADAM decided to perform the song while having orgasms and capture the moment on camera."

Using a vibrator, three of the ADAM ladies (there are five in the band) do their very best to keep a straight face – for the first half of the song at least.

However, by the end of the clip all that can be heard is whimpering through the sheepish grins.

It’s a weird idea, but one that’s bound to help the single stick in the mind. For whatever reason. And, with almost 5 million YouTube views, it seems this very strange marketing idea is working for them, for now.

Let's hope there aren't very many other bands who decide to jump on this bandwagon. Unfortunately, the spoof videos are already showing up on YouTube (see below)...