Reggae Guitar Lesson Style & Performance

I have been asked to join a reggae band, but I have very little experience playing reggae guitar. I would like to know the following…

- What is the correct strum direction? Is it up or down, I’ve heard
differing opinions on this. Can you please clarify.

- When it comes to soloing what are the main scales that players
use in this style?

- Sometimes in Marley tunes I hear a muted scratch technique.
Can you please explain this technique.

- What are the main chord types used and how many strings are
usually played? Some of the songs I have to learn have thin
sounding chords, but other songs have very full sounding chords.

Any help you could give me on this subject would be very much appreciated including artists I should start paying attention to.

Thank you,
Jared from Flagstaff, Arizona U.S.A.

Andrew Wasson of Creative Guitar Studio covers "How to Play Reggae Guitar Style."